Tattu Leeds review

Both me and my friend Linda have an ever growing list of places we want to eat at. Living in Leeds means we are surrounded by amazing venues and spoilt for choice. Tattu Leeds is somewhere on both of our lists so, a few weeks ago we finally got to try it out.

Tattu Leeds has seasonal menus that take their inspiration from Chinese cuisine. They create classic Asian dishes fusing traditional flavours and techniques with modern craft and presentation. Tattu cater for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diners too. There are two branches, one in Leeds and one in Manchester.


My pamper nights ideas & giveaway

February has been a strange month for me. A month where I need to take a step back and look after myself. A month where self care needs to increase. Today I’m sharing my ideas for pamper nights with you all. I’m also holding another giveaway which you can read about at the end.


Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy Smooth Tour

Regular reader will know I am a huge music fan. Nothing makes me happier (or eats more of my money) than live music tickets. Bands like The Killers, Biffy Clyro and Green Day are my favourites and spending a weekend traipsing around a festival is my idea of heaven. I do have a few musical guilty pleasures, Nelly being one of them. Tickets were released for Leeds but I couldn’t decide how much of a guilty pleasure he is and put off buying them, until the Groupon two for one sale. Taking it as fate just a week later me and Ellie were seeing Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy.  (more…)

Northern Craft Fair haul

I always love attending craft fairs. Despite being creative in my own way I’m not very arty. Seeing the products people design and create with so much love and passion is heart warming. Craft fairs always have something for everyone and you can never leave them without a few sneaky purchases. The Northern Craft Fair was my last fair and today I am sharing the goodies that made their way in to my Northern Craft fair haul and came home with me.  (more…)

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