How to remove gel nail polish at home / Blog Every Day May day 3

I recently posted How to apply gel nail polish at home so decided to post a follow-up to that and explain how to remove gel polish yourself at home. This technique is great if you have done your own nails or if you want to remove some applied by a salon. Gel nails should last around 2 weeks, but if your nails grow really quickly or if you are heavy-handed you might need to remove them quicker. Read More

Birthday Presents / Blog Every Day May day 2

One of my favourite type of blog posts to read are shopping hauls and Christmas and Birthday present posts, I’m incredibly nosey so love seeing what other people are buying or have been given for gifts. I’ve decided to do my own Birthday present post today as I guessed other people like me like me and it will be nice to look back on as well in time.  Read More