September round up and October plans

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Well the start of the new month means it is time for my monthly September round up and October plans post. Today I am sharing what I have been up to, the highs and lows of the month and my plans for this month.

September round up October plans

September round up – things I have done this month

  • I have been on a foodie tour of Victoria Gate in Leeds. A night eating yummy food in lots of different places is my idea of heaven!
  • I have been dog sitting for two and a half weeks this month. Henry and Betsy are so good and super cute too.

September round up - Chihuahua dog sitting

September round up - Chihuahua dog sitting

  • After three weeks off work in August I have hit the ground running this month. As well as my regular job and blogging I am moonlighting for another surgery whilst they are short of staff.
  • It was my friend Lindas birthday this month so we had a long overdue girls night out. We spent the night drinking cocktails and dancing in the new Popworld night club in Leeds.

September round up - Popworld Leeds

September round up – great moments

  • This last month my page views have more than tripled. I feel like my hard work is paying off and I love that people are reading my posts.
  • Ellie has done her bronze Duke of Edinburgh and did the camping expedition this month. I am a super proud mama now she has finished it and has her award. She is really enjoying the volunteering part of it so is keeping that up even though she doesn’t need to do it now.
  • My beautiful friend Amy got married this month in Santorini. I am sad I couldn’t be there but was able to go to the night do. I had THE best night celebrating with them. And can we just talk about how stunning Amy and her dress are? I have to say a huge thank you to Amy and Mathew for inviting me.

September round up - wedding selfie

September round up - wedding dress

September round up – bad moments

  • Ellie has been having physiotherapy for knee problems and has been doing really well. Unfortunately the walking almost 20 miles on her Duke of Edinburgh has really undone all the work. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and I really wish I could take it away for her. We have been to see the physio since and hopefully the new stretches will start working soon.
  • I’m still battling on with my thyroid issues. It seems to be quite tricky to get the balance of medication and blood levels right! My most recent blood test looks like I’m finally there and I’m looking forward to starting to feel better.

September round up – October plans

  • I am going to re-join Slimming World this week. I did really well on it previously and was maintaining for almost a year. The problems with my thyroid means I have put on some weight. I’m feeling very positive I can lose it again quickly.
  • Now my bloods are back in normal levels I should start feeling less tired soon. I really want to start using my gym membership that I pay a small fortune for every month. Eating better and exercising always makes me feel so much better about myself.
  • We are going to Gran Canaria at the end of the month. I can’t wait to relax and feel the sun on me again. We haven’t been before so I am really looking forward to exploring a new country.
  • Now it is October I should really start thinking about the C word! I’m quite looking forward to starting my lists and shopping for the big day.
  • Once we are back from Gran Canaria we don’t have any more holidays planned. I would love to start planning our next adventure so we have something to look forward to.

What have you been up to this month? And what are your plans for October?

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19 comments on “September round up and October plans

  1. Your friend’s wedding dress is stunning! Reading your goals for the month ahead whilst I am munching Pringles has made me realise that I need to be more focussed too, so I have just put them back in the kitchen. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I had been occupied with work the whole month. Had no time for friends and family. Reading your list inspires me to plan my month also. Also, let us know how your visit to Gran Canaria went in a later post. Would love to read that.

  3. I too am looking at planning my next adventure! I think you are so lucky looking after those gorgeous dogs! Well done to your daughter and I hope her knees are better soon!

  4. Sounds like a busy and exciting month, you did a lot!!!! I would love to house/dog sit that little cutie, that’s one thing I miss about having a real home, an animal. Hope you reach all your october goals!

  5. That’s some planning right there! You are coming from Gran Canaria? I would be so in the hangover of it when I’m back. Will probably need a month or so to recover:)

  6. Good to know of your friend’s marriage and night out with friends. We have a very special festival of Diwali this month and I’m just busy getting lights, decors, shopping for family as of now.

  7. I loved this post. Sorry your bloods have been out. I know the feeling when endocrine hormones are not as they should be it can totally drain us! The wedding sounds fab and well done on the extra page views. Amazing!

  8. It’s always a good idea to evaluate past accomplishments as well as challenges, to help set goals for the future. Your friend’s dress is stunning! I empathize with the thyroid issue; I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 20 years ago and have been on medication ever since.

  9. Hahaha ! Cute dog.
    Well, this month must be depressing for me lol. I’m about to take my entrance exam on my wished university. Uhg~ yet I need to do my best!

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