Bold Metal dupe brushes

Bold Metal dupe make-up brushes

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I recently came across some make-up brushes on Amazon that I had seen a few bloggers mention and I just had to order, a set of 7 brushes that looked exactly like the Real Techniques Bold Metals. I already own the original Real Techniques make-up brushes and do keep looking at the Bold Metal brushes but they are expensive and I haven’t been able to justify spending that amount on them. I’m not a fan of fake products but these seemed too good not to try at just £5.65 and the reviews were all really good.

They came from China but only took 10 days to get here. Just like the original Bold Metal brushes there is 2 gold coloured base brushes, 2 bronze finishing brushes and 3 silver eye brushes and they are all named the same as the originals.


Bold Metal dupe make-up brushes

On first inspection the brushes are all so soft! The bristles all feel really secure in the handles and they are all cut perfectly with no stray hairs. The handles aren’t weighted like the original Bold Metal brushes and the handles do “feel” cheap and tin-like.


Bold Metal dupe eye make-up brushes

From the top 200 is an oval shadow brush, 202 is a angled liner brush and 201 is a pointed crease brush. All 3 are really soft, pick up products well and blend out easily.


Bold Metal dupe finishing make-up brushes

Brush 300 at the top is a flat contour brush and 301 is a tapered blush brush. Again both of these are incredibly soft and both pick up products really well. The contour brush is shaped perfectly to fit into the hollows of your cheek, I’m hoping this brush means I’m able to actually contour well enough to be able to go out with it on now!


Bold Metal dupe base make-up brushes

100, my favourite of these, is an arched powder brush. This is just beautifully soft and fluffy and is perfect for applying blush or highlight. 101 is a triangle foundation brush and is the only one I haven’t used yet as to be honest I don’t know how much I’ll use this one as I prefer to apply foundation with a sponge but that’s just my personal preference.


I’m really pleased with all of these brushes, they all pick up the product perfectly and apply well. I’ve used and washed them and there hasn’t been any shedding and they’ve dried back into shape perfectly.

If you’d like to buy these brushes you can find them here and they are £4.65 plus £1 for postage.




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